Shipping rates vary with the size and number of pieces being ordered.  Single piece or smaller quantity orders generally ship by UPS with rates starting at $25.00-$30.00 for casual chairs. Larger pieces such as gliders and dining tables will have to be quoted.

Multiple piece orders ship fairly economically by freight carriers.  

It is fairly common to get a full pallet of furniture delivered by freight carriers for less than the UPS rates for a couple of gliders.  The rates for these deliveries again have to be quoted but one thing to keep in mind is rates will always be better for deliveries to a commercial or business address rather than a residential address.  Residential deliveries are certainly available but will carry and additional fee.

shipping by Freight and UPS:

Shipping and delivery

Outdoor Wonders


delivery on our truck:

We will always ship anywhere any time, but we regularly plan deliveries on our truck to the surrounding area.

We regularly schedule, and dates are always pending for deliveries to: St. Louis, Kansas City, Little Rock, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and  North West Arkansas.

We will be running our truck to:

 Fort Worth,Dallas, and Houston Mid-Late Aug.

Through Dallas and along I-35 to San Antonio, then south to Corpus Christi in Sept and Oct.

Large orders will often take us to more distant locations from Florida to Colorado.

Our delivery schedule is always expanding so give us a call to see when we will be coming close to you.